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​Demonstration Experiment Partner


From point to line, from line to surface,

To all of Japan, to the world! !

We will expand the circle of Universal MaaS,

A world where no one gives up on moving
We are aiming for early realization.

We look forward to your participation.


・The above are the demonstration experiment partners as of July 1, 2021.
・Amazon Web Services and the "Powered by Amazon Web Services" logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

role of each person


①Transportation operator
・All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
・Keikyu Corporation
・Capital Transportation Co., Ltd.

② Local government
・Yokosuka City

③ Universities
・Yokohama National University

④ Advisory
・LocaliST Co., Ltd.
・Mr. Shunsuke Narusawa

⑤ Demonstration field
・Haneda Robotics Lab (Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.)

⑥ App linkage
・General Incorporated Association WheeLog: WheeLog! (Wheelchair travel log, barrier-free spot information)
・Mirairo Co., Ltd.: Mirairo ID (electronic disability certificate)
・ Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.: May ii (helping app)
・Carepro Co., Ltd.: Dococare (matching people who need help going out with caregivers)

⑦ System development and cooperation
・Pasona Tech Inc.: Applications, infrastructure
・Amazon Web Services, Inc.: Provision of infrastructure
・Fujitsu Limited: Universal Design, UI/UX
・ Val Research Institute Co., Ltd.: Transfer search function, transfer station suppression function
・Zenrin Co., Ltd.: Creates and provides maps
・Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd.: Map display and route search function
・Nanoconnect Co., Ltd.: Data linkage function for wheelchairs
・NTT Docomo, Inc.: Provision of wrong destination prevention function and mobile spatial statistics

・Leon Technology Co., Ltd.: Providing security measures and diagnostic services
・Shimizu Corporation: Inclusive navigation technology collaboration (beacon related)
・IBM Japan, Ltd.: Inclusive navigation technology collaboration (related to voice navigation)
・NEC Corporation: Congestion level display function
・Dennou Kotsu Co., Ltd.: Taxi dispatch reservation function

⑧ Examination and provision of products and services that increase motivation to go out
・TESS Co., Ltd.: Provided the pedal wheelchair “COGY”
・Molten Co., Ltd.: Provision of welfare equipment including wheelchairs
・ mitsuki Co., Ltd.: Considering collaboration with accompanying support service
・World Co., Ltd.: Provided “World x Koofuku” redesigned so that people with disabilities can wear it well
・ Voluntary organization Koofuku: Provision of “Koofuku Mask” that is easy for people with disabilities to wear
・ LUYL Co., Ltd.: Provides “Manaorana” shoes, a brand that fashionablely dresses the feet of people with lower limb disabilities.

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