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What is Universal MaaS?
(Universal MaaS / Universal Mars)

Universal Design x MaaS 

(Mobility as a Service)

​ A service that allows people who are hesitant to move for some reason (people who are hesitant to move) to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free move. In addition to providing customers (users) with necessary information (fares, operation/operating status, routes, spot information, etc.) when traveling from the point of departure to the destination, we also provide the customer's own location information, characteristic information, First of all, we will focus on connecting information, such as sharing the desired assistance content with each service provider (business operator).

We aim to realize universal and seamless mobility.

Latest news and announcements

ホーム: 最新ニュース・お知らせ



国土交通省「バリアフリー・ナビプロジェクト」にてUniversal MaaSを取り上げていただきました!




Regional partner

Yokosuka City

Using walking routes in Yokosuka City and transportation from Haneda Airport to destinations in Yokosuka City as verification materials, we will create a new transportation experience for customers by providing a comprehensive transportation service based on the idea of universal design. I'm aiming.


Based on the knowledge gained from past demonstration experiments and social implementation of walking routes in Sapporo city and movement from outside the city to destinations within the city, each business operator will cooperate across barriers We aim to identify and solve issues that are unique to the city of Sapporo.

Joint development partner

​ Bulk support arrangement


 For wheelchair users​barrier-free map/navi

 for the visually impaired​barrier-free map/navi

ホーム: 実証実験パートナー

Demonstration test partner

From point to line, from line to surface,

To all of Japan, to the world! !

We will expand the circle of Universal MaaS,

A world where no one gives up on moving
We are aiming for early realization.

We look forward to your participation.


・The above are the demonstration experiment partners as of July 1, 2021.
・Amazon Web Services and the “Powered by Amazon Web Services” logo are used in the United States and other countries
Trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Activity history

▼Main press releases

▼ Main activity history

・July 10, 2018
Voluntary proposal activities by ANA Group employeesANA Virtual Hollywood"At crank-in,
"Change the concept of "mobility" and create a society where everyone can move freely!” concept announced (the predecessor of Universal MaaS)

After that, we held daily discussions with volunteer members (total of 29 people within the ANA Group) and external experts, and evolved by repeating hypotheses, experiments, and verifications.

・November 2, 2018
Concept name changed to "ANA MaaS"

・November 6, 2018
Yokohama National University et al.Demonstration experiment with Tomioka, ANA visited Yokohama National University and started discussions between the two


・November 30, 2018

During the discussion during the training camp held by the ANA MaaS members, the term “hesitant group” was first used.


・December 5, 2018

The term “slow-to-move class” and its initial definition are born

・January 17, 2019
"Yokosuka x Smart Mobility ChallengeYokohama National University invites Keikyu Electric Railway and Yokosuka City to start discussions with ANA

・January 25, 2019
Concept name changed to "Universal MaaS powered by ANA" (later changed to "ANA Universal MaaS")

・February 3, 2019
 The initial concept of "Universal MaaS" was first communicated to the world

・February 20, 2019
on Facebook "Universal MaaS Community” (Created 5 groups under it, and is still managed by Nobuaki Osawa personally)

・March 12, 2019
A dedicated project will be set up within ANA for commercialization (decided at the "ANA Virtual Hollywood" crank-up)

・April 1, 2019

Changed concept name to "Universal MaaS"
ANA Planning Office
“Universal MaaS Project” launched within the Innovation/KAIZEN Department (transferred to the newly established MaaS Promotion Department on July 1 of the same year)

・May 26, 2019
Four industry-academia-government collaborations (ANA, Keikyu Corporation, Yokosuka City, Yokohama National University) conducted the first demonstration experiment at Haneda Airport ⇔ Yokosuka Museum of Art​

・June 27, 2019
Launched the Universal MaaS project by four industry-academia-government collaborations (aiming for a comprehensive transportation service based on the concept of universal design)

・September 13, 2019
Technological verification and demonstration experiments (November 13, December 13, 2019, January 14, February 7, 2020) with the addition of 7 demonstration experiment partners

・February 7, 2020
In Yokosuka City by representatives of four industry-academia-government collaborationsjoint press conference(Aiming to start implementation within FY2020)

・July 31, 2020
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismFY2020 Japanese version of MaaS promotion and support projectwas selected as

・November 24, 2020
Developed and announced a “universal outing app” with 4 industry-academia-government collaborations and 24 verification test partners

・December 1, 2020
"WheeLog! Town walking event​ in Yokosuka”, and started a demonstration experiment in Yokosuka city

・February 28, 2021
Demonstration experiment completed in FY2020, development for social implementation will be implemented sequentially (Sequential social implementation of knowledge and data obtained from the demonstration experiment)

・May 20, 2021
Universal MaaS project official website opened (this site)

・August 24, 2021

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismFY2021 Japanese version of MaaS promotion and support projectwas adopted by

・September 15, 2021

"ANA Airport Access Navigation" in the walking section of "Barrier-free map/navigator” function added
First social implementation example of Universal MaaS (Joint development by ANA, WheeLog, Zenrin, and Zenrin Datacom)

・February 3, 2022

In collaboration with ANA, JR East, Tokyo Monorail, and MK Taxi,Bulk support arrangement” demonstration experiment started

・February 21, 2022

In collaboration with ANA, Yokosuka City, Sompo Japan, Prime Assistance, and Ashirase,
 Mobility support for visually impaired peoplecarried out in Yokosuka City

・May 23, 2022

 In collaboration with ANA, WheelLog, Zenrin and Zenrin Datacom,

In the "barrier-free map/navigation" functionImproved the accuracy of the movement path display for wheelchair users

・May 25, 2022

ANA, Transportation Research Institute, Taiwan Ministry of Transportation, and Kaohsiung City Transportation BureauMemorandum on MaaS signed

・July 13, 2022

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism2020 Japanese version of MaaS promotion and support projectwas selected as

・July 14, 2022

 Jointly with Sapporo City, ANA, and ANA AkindoJoint project of "Universal MaaS"start

・August 22, 2022

​ "WheeLog! Town walking event in Sapporo"Starting with the demonstration experiment in Sapporo city

・February 8, 2023

​ ANA, ANA Akindo, and JR Hokkaido Collaborate in Demonstration Experiments for “Collective Support Arrangements”

・May 18, 2023

​ “Universal map/navigation” service started on Yokosuka City tourist information site


ホーム: 活動内容


<Reception hours> 10:00 to 17:00 (excluding weekends and holidays, Golden Week, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.)

​*Required items


・"ANA Privacy Policy”, and if you agree, check “I agree” and press the “Send” button.


・In addition, depending on the content of the inquiry,For the purpose of conducting situational surveys and providing more appropriate responses, as necessaryUniversal MaaS Proof of Concept PartnersWe may share your personal information with others, or we may respond directly to you from the person in charge. Also in that case,Please note that it may take some time to reply.

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