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Universal MaaS

Toward the realization of universal

and seamless mobility.

Universal MaaS is an initiative aimed at smooth and comfortable travel, focusing on people with mobility impairments, the elderly, inbound tourists and others

who are unsure about travel for whatever reason.

What is Universal MaaS?

Universal MaaS- Toward a world where nobody gives up on traveling -

Source : YouTube "ANA Global Channel"  <2019> 

Everyone on the Move, Universal MaaS in Japan

Source : YouTube "Prime Minister's Office of Japan"  <2023>

Universal Design x MaaS

Universal MaaS is a service that allows people who are hesitant to travel for whatever reason to enjoy comfortable and stress-free travel.

This service provides users with the information they need to get from their starting point to their destination such as fares, operation/traffic status, routes, spot information, etc.

At the same time, transportation operators share information such as the customers' location and any special information required for assistance, so that users can have a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

Sharing of personal information is not required or necessary for customers to enjoy this service.

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