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1. What is Universal MaaS?
(Universal MaaS / Universal Mars)

Universal Design x MaaS 

(Mobility as a Service)

​ A service that allows people who are hesitant to move for some reason (people who are hesitant to move) to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free move. In addition to providing customers (users) with necessary information (fares, operation/operating status, routes, spot information, etc.) when traveling from the point of departure to the destination, we also provide customers' own location information, characteristic information, First of all, we will focus on connecting information, such as sharing the desired assistance content with each service provider (operator) side.

We aim to realize universal and seamless mobility.

Concept of Universal MaaS

Universal MaaSの考え方:乗り物・人材(Heart & Hand)・情報(データ)がそれぞれ連携しあうことで、誰もが笑顔で移動できるようになる。・人が乗り物をつなぐ ・情報が乗り物をつなぐ ・情報が人をつなぐ
UMとは?:Universal MaaSの考え方

2. we are thinking
What is universal design? ​

Universal design and the definition of the “hesitation to move” class

ユニバーサルデザインと「移動躊躇層」の関係:より多くの人に使いやすくする(ユニバーサルデザイン)と、以下ABCの関係を表した図。A:使える状態にする(アクセシビリティ)、 B:使いやすくする(ユーザビリティ) 、C:対象となるお客さまを広げる(ユーザーダイバーシティ)

[Easier to use for more people]

​Redesign and make the door-to-door mobile service usable from the perspective of the “layer who hesitates to move” (Fig. A: Accessibility). This will also improve the service for others, and will lead to an overall ease of use (Fig. B: Usability). Repeat this approach to expand the target customers (Figure C: User Diversity). As a result, it will lead to [making it easier for more people to use], and new mobility demand will increase. In this way, we will continue to update mobile services and aim for the ultimate goal of "a world where no one gives up on mobility."


``Reluctant to move''from the perspective of rebuilding the world's infrastructure and services. As a result, the service level of society as a whole will be raised, leading to the stimulation of new travel demand.

3. we are thinking
(Mobility as a Service)What is ​

Integrating different types of transportation services into one mobility service that can be used on demand.

<Level definition>

Level 4: Policy integration

Level 3: Service Delivery Integration

Level 2: Integration of reservations and payments

Level 1: Information Integration

Level 0: no integration

Definition of MaaS


​4. hypothesis

From the point of departure to the destination, wouldn't it be nice if both customers (users) and service providers (enterprises) cooperated in the following four ways?

① Information (data)

(2) Transportation means and services (mobility)

③ Attitude/Facilities/Rules (Barrier-free)

④ Mutual understanding, opportunity, motivation



5. Verification app (prototype)

・Universal outing app (for users)

Route and facility guidance according to the customer's characteristics,View service content.

・Universal support app (for businesses)

Provide the customer's real-time location information, characteristic information, etc. to the service provider side. Contribute to quality improvement and operational efficiency.

Verification app (prototype)

Universal MaaSプロジェクトにて制作した検証用アプリ(プロトタイプ)

​6. Social Implementation Example "Airport Access Navigation"

"Airport access navigation"Barrier-free map / navigation" function added to the walking section of "!

Barrier-free information is displayed based on the knowledge obtained through the demonstration experiment of "Universal MaaS-Towards a world where no one gives up on mobility." Maps/navigation (shortest route)*1 and barrier-free information*2 for outdoor walking distances displayed in route search results are now available (limited to Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures *expansion planned). In the future, we plan to gradually expand new functions.

*1: Zenrin Co., Ltd. and Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd. use the map/route search function of "Itsumo NAVI API".
*2: Data from WheeLog, a general incorporated association “WheeLog! App”, a barrier-free map created by everyone.

However, regions with insufficient data are not displayed.
To add or update barrier-free information, click "WheeLog!"please use. Let's collect barrier-free information together!

​Usage image

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