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For visually impairedBarrier-free map/navigator

The "barrier-free map/navigation" function for the visually impaired links walking distance movement in "ANA SkyTabi Search" with "Aiko Support"*1 and "Ashirase"*2, allowing visually impaired people to exercise autonomy. support movement.

In addition, information on road construction planned and constructed by Yokosuka City and elevator operation information on pedestrian bridges will be added, and information will be provided to encourage avoidance of sudden obstacles to movement.


*1 A service in which a remote operator provides voice guidance using location information and images from a smartphone for the visually impaired.

*2 A walking navigation system for the visually impaired, in which the device is attached to the shoe and guided by vibrations inside the shoe without disturbing hearing.

​The role of each person

・All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

:Coordination of this demonstration experiment, overall service design / development,Route search service "ANA Soratabi Search" cooperation

​・Yokosuka City

: field provision, data provision

・Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

:Risk assessment of this demonstration experiment,Examination of insurance and services that support safe and secure autonomous mobility

​・Prime Assistance Co., Ltd.

:Remote support service by professional operators“Aiko Support” cooperation

​・Ashirase Inc.

​:Walking navigation system "Ashirase" cooperation

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